GDEX is today at the Columbus Convention Center

by: Eric -
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In just about one hour, I will be packing up my trusty Gaming Nexus Press kit (phone, laptop, various power sources, heartburn medication, Advil for my Creed-swollen back) and heading down to the Columbus Convention Center to take part in GDEX. 

For those no in the know, GDEX is "the Midwest's premier gaming expo", and the list of presenters and exhibitors is impressive this year. The guys from Bumblebear will be there with Killer Queen, Scott Johnson (host of The Instance podcast and cartoonist extraordinaire) will be there, the composer of the music from Halo 4, various eSports celebs, the list just goes on and on. 

Then there are the games. There is a giant list of exhibitors, with tons of indie studios and a smattering of bigger guys to check out. I'm hoping to make some connections with local game devs to take some deeper-dive looks at indie games as they progress.

More info is available here, and tickets (one day or weekend pass) can be purchased here

If you see us wandering around taking pictures, come say hi! And for the folks out of town, Gaming Nexus have coverage of the event up later this week.