For Red Dead Redemption PS4 Pro Bundle, its all in the fine print

by: Dan -
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A few days ago, Sony announced that they would be offering a $399 1TB Red Dead Redemption 2 Pro Bundle when the game launches on Oct 26th.  However, as first reported by the folks at Rockstar Intel yesterday (as far as I can tell), the box art has some very small fine print on it that will be of interest to gamers.

First, and located at the bottom of the game art near the middle of the box, we find details of the game for the PS4 that contains the game information.  It states"  "RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 GAME INFORMATION: 1-PLAYER  2-32 NETWORK PLAYERS  105 GB MINIMUM  DUAL SHOCK 4 WIRELESS CONTROLLER COMPATIBLE  PS4 PRO ENHANCED

A couple of key things about this fine print.  First, it requires a minimum of 105 GB.  The bundled PS4 Pro is only 1 TB.  So right off the bat, if you go with this bundle, you will have over 10% of your storage tied up in just RDR 2.  The second is that it appears to raise the maximum players in online up to 32.  The current max amount of players in GTA V/Online, which will likely be the framework for RDR 2 Online, is 30 for Xbox and PS4.  So looks like we can expect a couple more participants in your posse. 

There is another important fine print piece on this box, and that is the PlayStation Exclusive seal just to the right of the fine print mentioned above.  This states "PlayStation Exclusive Play online Content first on PS4.  Timed exclusive for 30 days.  PlayStation Plus required to access online content (sold separately)."


While Sony had previously mentioned that they would have have some exclusive content, we now have a better feel for what it is.  Like prior Rockstar Releases (GTA IV and V specifically), one or the other platform would acquire rights to exclusive content or DLC before the other.  So in this case, it appears that Sony will be getting some, if not all, of RDR 2 online DLC for 30 days before it hits the Xbox.