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Dying Light goes battle royale, because of course they do.

by: Rob -
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It's 2018 so of course there is yabrg (yet another battle royale game). At least this one has zombies and cricket bats.

Techland is riding the fad with Dying Light: Bad Blood. It's available now as an Early Access game via Steam. You plunk down $20 bucks and get a Founders Pack that will both unlock access and load you up with the following skins and things that will be exclusive to the early access founders:

  • Exclusive Golden Founder’s Mask
  • 3 exclusive Legendary weapon skins: Golden Neckslicer (dagger), Golden Bonecleaver (machete), and Golden Skullopener (cricket bat).
  • 1000 Blood bucks, the in-game currency spendable in the game’s store
  • Bonus: 3 exclusive Legendary skins distributed over 3 months

No word on when the game will move from early access, but the intent is for it to eventually be a free to play title for both PC and consoles. From the blood bucks listed above it's pretty obvious it's going to be a micro transaction heavy affair. I've played battle royale games enough to know they are just not my thing, but if they are yours then maybe this is a take on the action worth checking out.

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Full press release after the Read More link below


Wroclaw, September 13th 2018 - Techland is thrilled to announce that Dying Light: Bad Blood, the new online game that adds a brutal twist to the battle royale genre, is out now on Steam Early Access. This fast-paced competitive multiplayer title creatively blends PvP and PvE action while retaining the core of Dying Light’s iconic gameplay and can be accessed immediately by PC gamers worldwide.


Watch Early Access Launch Trailer: https://youtu.be/Rw_U_snE_gw


By joining Early Access, players will become part of Dying Light: Bad Blood’s evolution. The valuable feedback gained during this phase will inform the game’s development, letting the core players help shape the game into the ultimate experience.


Players can buy Dying Light: Bad Blood in Early Access on Steam


During the early access phase, Dying Light: Bad Blood will be playable by purchasing the Founder’s Pack, which not only grants access to the game before its final release but also includes exclusive in-game content available only to Founders. The $19.99* Founder’s Pack provides in-game currency and exclusive items, including the Founder’s Pass that will deliver three Legendary skins throughout the course of the three months following the Early Access launch.


The Road Ahead

“We’re really happy with the results of our recent Global Play Test and I’d like to thank all of the players out there that took part and gave us such helpful insight,” said Maciej Laczny, Producer. “We’ve made some big leaps in development based on that activity and look forward to the road ahead as we prepare new content for the game, the first of which will  be available in the next few weeks.”


Throughout Early Access there will be free content updates appearing regularly in Drops, providing players with new items, characters, maps and more.



Dying Light: Bad Blood is intended to be a free-to-play game on PC and consoles and will transition to this model when the early access phase is concluded.


12 go in. 1 comes out.

Get competitive and bloody your hands in the all-new brutal royale experience.


Join Bad Blood and desperately fight to survive in a city swarming with infected. 12 players enter: only one can leave. Scavenge for weapons, destroy zombie hives to level up, and combine your advanced parkour mobility with brutal combat skills to outrun, outsmart, and outplay your opponents.


To stay updated, please visit the Dying Light: Bad Blood website, join the conversation on Facebook & Twitter and subscribe to Bad Blood’s YouTube channel.