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New Assassin's Creed Odyssey trailer puts focus on the player's power to choose

by: Zach -
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Ubisoft has released a new trailer for Assassin's Creed Odyssey, outlining different ways the power of choice factors into the gameplay.

Obviously, the trailer starts off with the choice between the two main characters, Alexios or Kassandra. This seems like a pretty standard gender choice, and will most likely have certain paths for each character during the story. There's some insight into how the player will be able to choose certain scenarios throughout the story and side missions, which will most certainly ripple through the rest of the story in a somewhat meaningful way.

Next up, the trailer dips a toe into romances, with a simple acknowledgment that our protagonist will be able to explore relationships. There's not much more depth to this, but perhaps it's better left unsaid for now. With talk of love, there's also talk of hate, which may indicate a flip side to romances, but there's not much to go on there.

The trailer spends the remaining time shifting gears to talk about gameplay. There's definitely a focus on class-building here, with your character being more customizable down to the armor and weapons they choose to wield. For my two cents, the class building in Origins was one of my favorite pieces, so hopefully, they've expanded on this well.

I think this trailer is setting a lot of high expectations, and it could end up being a big let-down if Ubisoft delivers a shallow product. The power of choice is great, and I think it fits the mold of Assassin's Creed really well. But still, poor implementation of a great idea is going to let a lot of people down, especially when a trailer like this sets the bar so high.

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