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Sea of Thieves Developer Update 09/06/18

by: Dan -
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Sea of Thieves is a game that, when it initially came out, several of us at GamingNexus decided to play as a group.  We had plenty of fun with it, but it quickly became apparent that the game was a bit shallow and needed to have continual updates to get it to the level that it should be.  Fortunately, the development team has been working hard adding updates to continually make the game better over the last six months, as the game can be really good.  However, one issue when working hard to improve, is that you also unintentionally introduce bugs that break things, hence the maintenance window today to put in some fixes.

While you are waiting for that maintenance window to end today (~2:30pm), take a dive into this 10-minute developer update with Executive Producer Joe Neate as he goes over some of the issues that popped up with barrel inventory and commendation system after the last build. Lots of Mea Culpa here from Joe for lack of communication and how they have taken the feedback to fix the issues that were introduced.  Its a good watch, so I encourage you to take a look.