4th Call of Duty WWII DLC, Shadow War, launches for PS4 on August 24th

by: Nicholas -
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Call of Duty: WWII's 4th DLC, "Shadow War" launches today, first on PS4. 

Coming with the DLC are three multiplayer maps: Airship, set at a Nazi German air base in the middle of some snowy mountains; Excavation, which takes place in what looks like a mine; Chancellery,  which I assume take place at the German Chancellery.

Operation Arcane, the newest mode for War, looks to see Allies protecting against Germans advancing upon a base with a tank in tow.

Rounding out the DLC is Frozen Dawn, the final chapter in Nazi Zombies (at least for this game). Set in a vast underground complex, it looks like a good type of crazy. 

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