Diablo III is coming to the Switch

by: John -
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First Forbes broke the embargo and retracted the article. Kotaku decided that was good enough for them to go ahead with the full newsDiablo III is going to the Nintendo handheld console for those that wan to slay demons on the go.

Called Diablo III Eternal Collection, the Switch version will have all the DLCs and updates including Reaper of Souls and the Necromancer addition. And what would a Nintendo version be without a link to a popular Nintendo title. Ganodorf's armor will be available for those who pick up the Switch version.

Kotaku also notes there will be various multiplayer options from local play with one or four Switches to full online play. 

I'm guessing the game will play like the other console versions, of course which is tailored for controller based movement and targeting. Being able to game with a few friends on the go sounds pretty awesome so this would definitely be a title I'd pick up if I had a Switch. 

Release should be sometime later this year and Kotaku reports it will be priced at $59.99