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A plethora of new info came out today for Fallout 76

by: John -
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QuakeCon's taking place right now and today they had a Fallout 76 panel to reveal more about the game. Running roughly for an hour, Todd Howard, Chris Meyer, and Jeff Gardner.

Three years in the making, Fallout 76 uses the Quake 3 network code, which has been battle tested to ensure smooth online gameplay.

Now, there's been many questions on people's mind about how this game is going to work, especially since there will be no human NPCs and every human in the game will be a human in real life. As one who doesn't enjoy being griefed, how was Bethesda going to handle this?

Well, they have a few things in place to help curb this. Being shot by someone will only incur a small amount of damage until you fire back, which then the weapons for both parties will deal full damage. This is the way to initiate and respond to conflict. 

Those that do grief a lot of folks will have a bounty placed on them. The cool thing is if the griefer gets killed, the bounty will be paid out of the griefer's cap stash. So, being a jerk can cost you a lot of money.

But if you don't want to deal with anyone at all, you can set a pacifist flag so you'll be left alone from all human conflict.

Dying to others won't incur too much of a penalty. You'll lose any junk you have on you, but you will keep your weapons an armor. So while it can be a little bit annoying to die, you at least won't lose your weapons and armor that you might have found or crafted.

Perks are now card based and you'll earn cards at some set levels. Each park card will fall into a SPECIAL category and cost a certain amount of points. You'll be able to play cards, with point values from one to five, in all of the categories to help build your character. You can change your card perks at anytime as well as share them with your buddies. SPECIAL level caps are now 15 rather than 10 so you'll have a lot of options to customize your character via these perk cards.

Fast traveling around the world is still in the game, but now it costs caps based on the distance the location is from you. The closest place and the Vault entrance will be free to fast travel to, but other places will cost a cap tax to get there quickly.

All told, a lot of great info came out today as well as a brand new You Will Emerge video that details the perk system and talks a little bit about mutations. Check out the entire panel below. I've got my Power Armor edition pre-order ready! October will be the month the beta begins with November 14th being the date the game goes live.