Here's your first burning taste of Doom Eternal gameplay

by: Sean Colleli -
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QuakeCon 2018 is in full swing and Bethesda and id Software are baptizing the show in blood with our first real look at Doom Eternal. It's no secret that Doom was my 2016 game of the year--our editor made me promise to never write a review that long ever again--but Doom Eternal looks like everything I wanted out of a sequel and so much more. Adaptive damage models, enhanced melee combat, even more brutal glory kills, and updated weapons--it's all here, wrapped up in a freeform combat system that looks even more satisfying and dynamic than it was in the first game. It all looks gorgeous too, and sprinkled with that wry gallows humor that made the first game just self-aware enough. I still have some questions (a rival doomslayer? Extra lives??) but so far this looks like more than I could have hoped for. After Wolfenstein II left me rather tepid and disappointed, I feared the worst for Doom Eternal. For now, at least, my fears have been assuaged.

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