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Nico Hulkenberg gives a tour of the Hockenheimring on F1 2018

by: Kevin -
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As if we mere mortals didn't have enough trouble driving in a circle, along comes Nico Hulkenberg (winner of the 2015 24 Hours of LeMans - some 395 laps while driving for Porsche, and numerous Grand Prix, Formula One, and Formula 3 podiums) to show us just how easy it is to lap the Hockenheim Ring on F1 2018. There are two things to notice in the below video: 1.How Nico gets around the track with more ease than playing Mario Bros., and 2.How brilliantly the F1 2018 game plays, and looks. I've driven around the Hockenheim Ring on video games more times than I could possibly count and Nico makes it look so ridiculously like getting groceries, that you just want to sigh. Enjoy -