Ghost Recon: Wildlands continues year two with Special Operation 2 update

by: Zach -
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Ghost Recon: Wildlands will be continuing their promise of year 2 content with their Special Operations 2 update on July 24th. The new release comes jam-packed with new content for a variety of different experiences. The first Special Operation had a Splinter Cell theme, bringing Sam Fisher out of the woodwork and offering a variety of customization items and stealth missions. 

The Special Operations 2 update will bring with it a whole new theme, although it seems Ubisoft Paris has opted to keep the theme under wraps for the time being. That being said, there's still plenty of content they have brought to light. The first and probably most anticipated addition is Ghost Mode. In Ghost Mode, you can create a 'hardcore' style character to play with. You can only carry one primary weapon, your guns will lose what's in the clip when you reload, and friendly fire will be turned on. Last and certainly not least, death is permanent, so taking a fall will force you to make an entirely new character.

In addition to Ghost Mode, the Ghost War PvP mode will be getting some changes. There are two new maps coming to the game, including a snow map. There's now a victory screen at the end of Ghost War matches, as well as an observer mode to allow spectating of games. Lastly, Ghost War will feature new daily challenges and a revamp of the Prestige economy, so players will be able to earn Prestige Credits to buy new Ghost War classes and customization options.

Personally, I'm really looking forward to Ghost Mode. That hardcore style of play feels like a great match for Ghost Recon, and it should be a ton of fun (and a little frustrating) to drop in and play a permadeath mode. I haven't spent much time with Ghost War, but it definitely seems interesting enough to check out. Plus, the addition of an observer mode might be an indication that Ghost War could be developing a more competitive agenda.

Overall, this is a solid looking update, even before the theme has been revealed. It definitely stays in line with Ubisoft's recent commitment to improving their existing games rather than abandoning them when they under perform. Based on the trailer, there could be even more coming that may be revealed in the next few days, so keep your eyes open if you're interested in what's to come.

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