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No Man's Sky Next trailer is nostalgic for the original teaser

by: Sean Colleli -
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Hello Games has dropped a brief trailer for their upcoming No Man's Sky Next update, the fourth in a series of free content patches for the game that originally released in 2016. This trailer shows off a lot of the multiplayer co-op and a few new surprises, but is devoid of exposition and in that regard is heavily reminiscent of the game's original teaser trailer. It all looks pretty promising.

When No Man's Sky dropped in 2016, it could charitably be called an early alpha as it was missing a ton of promised features and riddled with bugs and crashes. Hello Games has done a lot to flesh out the experience with free patches ever since and the game is in a far more complete shape now, but I personally find that it all still feels rather awkward, and the gameplay inevitably degenerates into a cludgy grind like so many other survival sandboxes. Here's hoping that when Next arrives on July 24th, it not only brings the long-awaited multiplayer, but also many quality-of-life upgrades so that No Man's Sky becomes the entry-level space exploration sim the fanbase always wanted it to be.