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It gets surprisingly warm in the latest Darksiders III trailer

by: Nicholas -
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The latest trailer for THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games' newest title, Darksiders III is titled Flame Hollow.

What exactly is the Flame Hollow, you ask? Well, I'm in the same boat, as nothing in this trailer really tells me, but there at least plenty to show in the nearly one-and-a-half minute video, released this week.

In it, we see the latest protagonist, Fury, battling her way across the barren landscape that has been made of Earth. She fights skeletons and monsters beyond description with a seriously wicked whip, which she can also apparently use for traversing, swinging to and from various points. 

Around the halfway point in the trailer we get what looks to be the Flame Hollow, which lights Fury's hair and eyes on fire, and just looks pretty awesome. The trailer doesn't make it clear what the Flame Hollow does, but we do see Fury traversing some fiery environments and fighting even more fiery bosses. It is also at this point in the video where we see that she also has metal, pointy-looking nunchuks. Very cool. 

Darksiders III is set to release November 27th, 2018.