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Sean Murray's 11 favorite things that've changed since No Man's Sky launched

by: Randy -
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Sean Murray got the team together at Hello Games to list their 11 favorite things that have changed since No Man's Sky launched two years ago. Yes, actually hundreds of things have changed, taken altogether with the Foundation Update (bases), Pathfinder Update (vehicles), and Atlas Rises Update (joint exploration). But this video lists the developers' high points.

July 24 is the launch of another big update, No Man's Sky NEXT, which also marks the game's debut on Xbox One. Nobody gets a second chance to make a first impression—but this launch on Xbox One might be as close as Sean Murray gets to making that second first impression. Here are the 11:

1. Deeper Trading
2. Portals
3. Regenerated Universe
4. Exocraft
5. Game Modes
6. Base Building
7. Missions and Story
8. Terrain Editing
9. Crashed Freighters
10. Space Combat
11. Freighters

Say what you will, but I haven't necessarily found a "No Man's Sky killer," have you? Other games have come along and borrowed either the aesthetics or the gameplay of No Man's Sky, but I haven't really seen anyone come along and do it way better or anything. That said, I haven't touched the game in ages. There's a part of me that always wants to go back, though. Reinstalling now so I'm ready for that July 24 No Man's Sky NEXT Update.