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An hour's worth of Battlefield V closed alpha gameplay

by: John -
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A few of us at Gaming Nexus were able to hop on to the closed alpha for Battlefield V last night and participated in a round or two of Conquest. 

My rig consisted of an Intel i7-6700K along with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 so kindly provided by the people at NVIDIA. Playing at 1920x1080, the game looked absolutely gorgeous and the GeForce GTX 1080 really shined in providing silky smooth and high fidelity gameplay.

Battlefield V's closed alpha went well in game, but we had a minor issue on our first run trying to join a server as a squad. For some reason, the alpha kicks you out of the squad when joining a game and on our first attempt, it didn't even let me join the server as it was full even though my colleague was able to hop in. 

On our second attempt, we were able to join the same server but it didn't place us in the same squad so we had to manually leave the assigned squad we were put in and join an open one. Ah, the joys of alpha.

Anyways, enjoy an hour's worth of Battlefield V as they march towards a release date of October 19th.

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