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A quick refresher on The Banner Saga before the finale

by: Randy -
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Our preview of The Banner Saga 3 went up, hot n' ready, just this morning. In a video titled "VE 004 BS3 PreviouslyOn v4 180601 CG Marketing" [Update: They fixed the name] we're given a spoilery glance back at the first two Banner Sagas. Skip it if you haven't played those. But definitely give it a look-see if you, like me, are heading into the third and final episode and need a refresher.

For the sake of not typing out spoilers, I'll stop right there. Suffice it to say, a bad thing is happening, folks are on the run, and humanity's last, best hope has got its plate full.

The Banner Saga 3 launches July 24 on PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One.