Mutant Year Zero looks great, even if its humor is a little bit hit or miss

by: Randy -
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Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, a game that's in the running for a Longest Game Name award, got a little trailer today. It's a mix of cinematics and gameplay for this self-styled "tactical adventure." I love the seamless combination of real-time exploration and turn-based tactics. Like XCOM, minus the loading screens between HQ and the area of operations.

But also unlike XCOM, you're not sending dozens of soldiers through a meat grinder. You've got a permanent trio to wage war—explosively and stealthily—through the always-dark future. Dux, Bormin, and Selma crack wise (with sometimes funny, sometimes not-as-funny barks and quips) through the destructible post-human Earth. They're fighting mechs and ghouls armed with everything from pistols to flamethrowers. Looks like a good time, if the writers nail the punchlines a little more consistently. You'll also be 

If you like what you see, head back to April for a 30-minute developer-led session of gameplay.

Mutant Year Zero is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One sometime here in 2018, though the window for that vague release date is getting narrower by the minute.