Heliborne receives new map and a mission to go with it

by: Dave -
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Heliborne was an addiction that I went through last winter. You can read about it here.

With the latest update, a new map has been added: the map is called Binomo Islands, and the accompanying mission is named Operation Fznamznon. The hallmark of the unpronounceable mission as compared to the legacy missions is that the players are not based on land, as they have been in all previous missions, but are based on new aircraft carriers that are also included in the update. The goal of the missions are generally troop support, which can include softening up shore-based defenses and providing cover for dock landing ships, hovercrafts, and light armored vehicles. 

I had moved on from Heliborne as new addictions were discovered, but it looks like I'm going to have to go back to it - carrier-based helicopter missions are irresistible to me.

Heliborne is available on Steam for $19.99.