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E3 2018: The gang's all here in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, coming December 7th 2018

by: Sean Colleli -
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The lion's share of Nintendo's E3 Direct naturally focused on Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Subtitles like that may sound like hyperbole, but in this case I think it's rather appropriate. This game will include every fighter in the series' nearly 20 year history. Every. Last. One. Snake, Bayonetta, Pichu, three variations of Link, and "sigma" variations of characters, like Daisy as a mirror version of Peach. Oh, and Metroid villain Ridley is in there too, after much fan outcry.

Ultimate will also be compatible with GameCube controllers (of course) and include most previous stages. There's really way too much to cover here, so just watch the presentation below. Super Smash Bros Ultimate arrives on Switch on December 7th 2018.