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E3 2018: Check out the gameplay trailer for the Miami level in Hitman 2

by: Nathan -
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Hitman 2 is scheduled to be released this November and Warner Brothers has released a trailer showing off one of the levels in the game, Miami, and our two targets are Father and Daughter, Robert and Sierra Knox.

Of course we get to see just a small handful of the ways that Agent 47 can eliminate his targets including causing an explosion on stage when Sierra is celebrating her victory. Sierra is also a race car driver so I am going to assume you can cause her to get into a horrific accident on the track by tampering with her vehicle. 

We also get to see the large plethora of weapons and costumes Agent 47 can use to complete his mission including a fish. Yes you can now knock people out with a fish and that is amazing. 

Hitman 2 will be released on November 13th 2018 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Anyone who pre-orders the game between now and then will get instant access to the Sniper Assassin game mode which can be played in co-op mode online.