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E3 2018: Sea of Thieves shows off enemy skeleton-crewed ships and a lava level

by: Randy -
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You know what it means when black sails are on the horizon: it means Sea of Thieves is coming for you. And this latest trailer reveals new content aimed at high-level players. There are pirates in glowing gear, and the enormous Megalodon that's recently started sharking its way through the waters from The Hungering Deep expansion. 

Now a loot-hungry treasure hunter has unknowingly brought portents of dangerous end-game content to the lady with the black mascara pouring out of her eyes. You've got your misty seascapes, your skeleton crews, and an ancient evil that appears to be another skeleton, rising up from the Cursed Sails expansion in July. And The Forsaken Shores, the second upcoming expansion, is a dark and lava-stricken land opening up a whole new chunk of map in September.

Sea of Thieves has its detractors, but continues to turn heads, nonetheless, with a whipsmart schedule of post-launch content.