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E3 2018: The Awesome Adventure of Captain Spirit is a free standalone prequel to Life is Strange 2

by: Nathan -
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Microsoft announced The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit at their E3 press conference, a new game in the Life is Strange Universe. 

As detailed in their blog post, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit will be a free standalone game that gives everyone a brief glimpse into the story of Life is Strange 2. While they are vague on how the two games connect, my assumption will be that there are lots of places to explore and things to read which may give us clues as to where the story is going. 

As seen in the trailer, there is one part where the main character looks at a picture and says "I wish mom were still here". I think the biggest mystery so far is who exactly the mother is. Is she a character from the first Life is Strange game or someone else? A lot of people on the Life is Strange Reddit seem to think that the father seen in the trailer looks a lot like Frank from the first game as well. 

Captain Spirit will launch on PS4, Xbox One and PC on June 26th for free.