Crackdown 3 delayed AGAIN.. makes new claim for new, new, new release date

by: Kevin -
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Terry Crews is one of my favorite stars that, for the most part, hasn't done anything stellar. His Old Spice adds are funny as heck and his brief portrayals in the Expendables trilogy were also a muscularly riot. However, it is his charisma and booming voice that gets attention more than anything else and to hear him in Crackdown 3, would be an utter have-to. Unfortunately, the wait has become so bitterly awful, that players are putting it in the back of their minds rather than saving pennies for a must-have. The latest estimate for Crackdown 3 is February of 2019, and if that comes to fruition, will be the cumulation to an almost 3-year set of delays. Let's hope that it is well, well worth the wait.