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E3 2018: Of course, Battlefield V is getting a Battle Royale mode

by: John -
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Everyone else is doing it so why not DICE? At EA Play 2018, DICE announced that there will indeed be a Battle Royale mode for Battlefield V. Other than saying there will be, no other details were given but they did use the term "re-imagined", which I'm always hesitant on.

Cool, I may not be into the mode anymore and I think it's one of those features that's over saturated the market, but at least they aren't removing modes to fit this in unlike another certain first person shooter at another company. Single player is still in as well as many of the popular multiplayer modes like conquest and operations, which is now grand operations.

From the way it was announced, it doesn't sound like it'll be a release feature, but something that will be added later on.

So DICE, I hope you have something different planned for Battle Royale that'll set you apart from everyone else. I'd love for a game, perhaps yours,to get me excited again about a royale mode.