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NVIDIA gives us a look at Battlefield V multiplayer

by: John -
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Well, since EA's press conference didn't show us anything on Battlefield V's gameplay, NVIDIA was awesome and sent us a video showcasing the game's multiplayer.

The video shows off the PC version running with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti and clips from the Grand Operations mode is shown. I admit, this looks pretty good. The action looks intense and you get a great feel for the various options you have available such as anti-aircraft shooting, ground combat, and fortifying areas. Sadly, no vehicle combat was showcased in the video.

Grand Operations sounds like a great mode where your team's outcome will determine how you start in the next round or day as the game puts it. Most will be three rounds and should take about an hour to play. Grand Operations is one of my most anticipated features of the game and I can't wait to get into it.

An as usual, you can expect a nice driver update from NVIDIA once Battlefield V comes out to support it. You can be sure they're working with DICE so you'll get the best experience as possible should you own a NVIDIA card come October 19th, or October 16th for those who have pre-ordered.

Thanks to NVIDIA for providing the video.