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New Project Cars 2 DLC is all about Le Mans, Baby!

by: Dave -
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There's no mystery about contents and subject of the most recent DLC for Project Cars 2 - it's baked into the name: Spirit of Le Mans.

Now, as we all know, PC2 already has a Le Mans track, of course, but the DLC will include a vintage, non-neutered Le Mans track. Details are spotty at this point, but I assume that means a circuit that was used long before Sir Jackie Stewart began his push for vastly increased safety in track design. When you consider that Mercedes, who was absolutely dominant at Le Mans at the time, completely removed itself from racing after 83 spectators and the driver were killed after a disastrous crash during the 1955 24 hours of Le Mans, one can certainly understand the need for a fresh outlook on the way tracks were designed.

Adding more racing sweetness is the vintage of the new cars that are also included, the oldest of which didn't see the track until 1970. But what great cars they are!! The 1970 Ferrari 512 S, Ferrari 512 M, and Porsche 917 LH will make for an extremely competitive race. Naturally there will be other, newer cars as well, but those three are the closest contemporaries to the 1970's era track.

The expansion pack is available on Steam as of today, June 5th, for $9.99. 

I'll race you to it!