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An introspective look at For Honor from the team at Ubisoft Montreal

by: Nicholas -
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At for over a year, For Honor has undergone a lot of developments since its release. So, before some announcements at E3, the Ubisoft Montreal team put together a retrospective on how far they've come. 

At first, we get the general hype of the games-as-service model from Brand Director Luc Duchaine, but further on, the team comes together and acknowledges the hardship that the game went through on its path to where it is today. From dedicated servers, to NAT management, to constant interaction with the community (which Community Developer Eric Pope describes as "a hardcore, meme-loving group of nice people", aw), the team gives an overview of what the process has been like over the past year, getting the game to its current state.

We will see more of For Honor at this year's E3. 

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