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This Week at Bungie: Iron Banana is back

by: Rob -
More On: Destiny 2

In my experience, the Warmind DLC has thus far been a success for Destiny 2 if only because it has my clan playing again. At least for a while. We just dipped back into the raid last night and had a great time. On top of that, Iron Banana (Banner really but I prefer to call it by the fruit) is back on with 6v6 control action all week. It once again proves that the 4v4 that the rest of Destiny 2's PvP is shoehorned into is really only worth the face palm memes that best describe it. The game feels soooo much better played 6v6 and the fact that Iron Banana pulls it off flawlessly proves there was no technical reason to move to 4v4 in the first place. 

The details for Iron Banana is all captured in Bungie's This Week at Bungie (TWaB) including the return of the popular Bannerfall map, some details about the theory behind Escalation Protocol (when we actually level up our light it is meant to be a three man activity), and some talk about the planned armor changes for next month (further proof Bungie still hates Hunters: the changes for that class so situational they are borderline useless).

It's another step in the right direction for the much maligned sequel. We still have a ways to go but its nice to feel that we are on that road. And raiding with the clan again this weekend was a blast.