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Zombies and bad Russian Accents in the new World War Z trailer

by: Eric -
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I don't have a lot of details to report here on the new World War Z trailer. YouTube sent me an alert (their brain-bots correctly guessed that I would find the video interesting). After watching the trailer, I thought that I might share with the group.

I was unaware of this game's existence before seeing this trailer. I enjoyed the original novel, and thought that the film was reasonably entertaining for a PG-13 zombie flick. I do know that they are working on a sequel, so perhaps this game is a tie-in with that. 

I can say that it looks like some of the game takes place in Russia, though if it falls in line with the rest of the franchise it will be more of a globe trotting affair. Which is probably for the best, considering those accents. Woof.