7 things you might not know about Smoke and Sacrifice

by: Sean Colleli -
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I apologize for that rather clickbaity title, but it's the name of the latest trailer for Curve Digital's upcoming RPG Smoke and Sacrifice. The game stars a young adventurer named Sachi, who explores a shadowy world presented from an isometric perspective. The steampunk-inspired action RPG also has some strange and unique characteristics. For example, you can collect fireflies that reside in lantern plants, and the fireflies will use their light to protect you on your quest into the shadows. You can also milk certain enemies mid-battle to obtain HP-restoring milk, assuming that you've stunned the monster first. This may recall a fairly disturbing scene from the last Star Wars movie, but think of it more like fighting very angry, spiky cows.

Check out the video for more whimsical aspects of this game, which comes to Steam and Switch on May 31st.

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