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Maingear produces first custom PC with a Nintendo Switch Dock

by: Sean Colleli -
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Maingear are mostly known for high end gaming PCs and one-off custom models that demonstrate potential future products. Their latest build, the F131 1ofOne, is a high-octane gaming rig with an integrated Nintendo Switch dock. This lets you interface a Switch directly into a capture card, for seamless streaming and gameplay recording.

The F131 also includes an APEX SPECTRUM software controllable RGB liquid cooling system, that changes color dynamically based on gameplay and CPU load levels. Naturally the F131 and its accompanying Switch are decked out in a very Mario-esque automotive paint job. The press release doesn't include a potential price point--this is a custom proof of concept build made for Intel's Extreme Rig Challenge after all, after all--but if you want a closer look at the specs, check the full release after the break.

May 24, 2018

News:  MAINGEAR, an award-winning PC system integrator of custom gaming desktops, notebooks and workstations, announces the F131 1ofONE PC with an integrated Nintendo Switch dock paired with an internal capture card and a first of its kind RGB liquid cooling system. This custom system was designed as part of MAINGEAR's 1ofONE program and Intel's Extreme Rig Challenge to showcase potential future designs from MAINGEAR.

What:  The F131 1ofONE is the latest system in MAINGEAR’s 1ofONEprogram, where they build completely custom one-off builds. It features MAINGEAR’s award winning F131 with APEX liquid cooling and a fully integrated Nintendo Switch dock built into the case. When docked, the Switch is directly connected to an internal capture card designed to give gamers the ultimate solution for recording and streaming their Switch gameplay on platforms like Twitch and Mixer at max settings.

Other:  The F131 1ofONE also includes a MAINGEAR engineered and first of its kind RGB liquid cooling system called APEX SPECTRUM, produced in partnership with Bitspower. APEX SPECTRUM features software controllable, addressable RGB liquid cooling system, including a MAINGEAR exclusive addressable RGB tube lighting. The F131 1ofONE also includes a full ATX motherboard in its compact mATX chassis and features MAINGEAR's MARC II automotive paint with on both the F131 and Nintendo Switch. 

Key F131 1ofOne Features:

MAINGEAR in-house designed F131 chassis
MAINGEAR APEX SPECTRUM RGB integrated liquid cooling system
Integrated Nintendo Switch dock with internal capture card
Addressable RGB liquid cooling tubes
MARC II custom automotive paint finish on the F131 and Nintendo Switch
Intel i9-7980XE 18-Core CPU
Dual NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti Graphics Cards
Intel 900P Optane SSD
ASUS Strix X299-E Gaming motherboard
Quote: "The Nintendo Switch is the perfect companion to a powerful gaming PC, but there wasn't an elegant solution to professionally stream Switch games" said Wallace Santos, MAINGEAR founder and CEO. "With the F131 1ofONE's built-in Switch dock, it provides the cleanest and most powerful solution to stream your favorite Switch game with incredible quality. Combine that with the vibrant RGB APEX SPECTRUM cooling system to make this one-of-a-kind build the ultimate set up for any PC gamer with a Switch."

For More information on the F131: https://www.maingear. com/custom/desktops/f131/


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