Fight the Borg now with the Star Trek Bridge Crew DLC

by: John -
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Ubisoft has released the The Next Generation DLC for Star Trek Bridge Crew so you can now pilot the Enterprise NCC-1701-D with a few friends against the likes of the Borg.

Currently, the DLC is only available for the PlayStation 4 and PSVR so console folks gets a little time exclusivity for being Captain Picard, Worf, Wesley Crusher (ha!), or Data. 

I'm really excited to get into the new content when it comes to the PC. Having played a few sessions, Star Trek Bridge Crew is a ton of fun with friends. 

$14.99 is the price for the DLC, which seems a little bit high. But, it does looks like it adds some nice content in there so we'll see if it's worth it as reviews and impressions come out. July 24th is the release date for the PC version.