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Ahoy, DLC: The Hungering Deep coming to Sea of Thieves next week

by: Randy -
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Sea of Thieves is about to become a whole lot more Sea of Enormous Sharks. The Hungering Deep is the sandbox pirate simulator's first DLC. The accompanying video isn't terribly specific on what's all in store. Except it illustrates the idea that there are bigger things in the ocean than regular-sized sharks. There are even bigger sharks! Of course, the Kraken was always there, too. But if I may speculate, we could soon have a Jonah-and-the-whale situation.

But I'm just making stuff up. We'll have to see.

According to the ol' salty dog telling the tale in the video, the ancients used to set up ritual sacrifices to these enormous sea gods. They even played music to placate and/or summon the gods, too. There's one person on the harmonium, another on the hurdy-gurdy (that's still the best name for a musical instrument, ever), and a third playing a drum. Are they going to add drums? That'd be great. But Sea of Thieves has also shown violins in promotional materials but they never made it into the game yet either.

I sure enjoyed my two weeks in Sea of Thieves. Our reviewer, Kinsey Danzis, did too [Gaming Nexus score: 8 out of 10]. And while I'm not certain that vague notions of something big lurking under the waves is enough to get me back, I'm definitely going to be looking for video of what other players find there. 

The Hungering Deep, out May 29,  is one of several free expansions planned for Sea of Thieves.