The Xbox Adaptive Controller opens up gaming to a lot more people

by: John -
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Now this is a pretty damn cool peripheral. We sometimes forget that those with special needs or disabilities might also love to game. A regular controller can be very hard to use for some of these folks, but Microsoft has found a way to build your own customize controllers to fit your special needs.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller plugs into the Xbox One via a USB cable and offers up connections for reach button press or function and features two large easy to actuate buttons and a larger D-Pad. If someone has trouble reaching a button or even pressing it, one can plug in something else that would be an easier control and allow the person to initiate that button or D-pad press with less effort and frustration.

The bottom has been colored black so if one has to attach the controller to a surface with something like velcro, it will blend in a lot better. It's big and built to be durable.

It will go on sale this Fall for $99.99 and should help open gaming up to a whole new audience who have been frustrated with trying to play with a controller. Now, the controller can adapt to them and they can enjoy many of the great games out there without having to fight against the peripheral.