Rage 2 looks pretty awesome

by: John -
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OK, I admit. The gameplay trailer for Rage 2 looks pretty wicked. After yesterday's live action teaser, we get some good look at how the game feels and plays. 

It's wide open world anarchy with a lot of big guns, vehicles, and chaos. The trailer does a great job at conveying how the game will look and the action looks like it's a lot of fun. One sequence has you doing some mid-air jumps, which reminds me of Titanfall. 

The game's got a very Mad Max feel, which is appropriate since it's by Avalanche Studios, the folks who brought you Mad Max and the Just Cause series. They're working with iD on this one and we'll get a ton more info come June 10th at Bethesda's E3 showcase. Until then, the gameplay trailer's a great view at Rage 2.

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