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Here's the first hour of Zombie Motorcycle Epic, Days Gone

by: Nicholas -
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Courtesy of Game Informer, we are very excited to present to you the first hour of Days Gone.

Developed by SIE Bend, Days Gone follows Deacon St. John and his trusty motorcycle in their quest for survival across the post-apocalyptic American landscape. 

Creative Director John Gavin and Game Director Jeff Ross accompany Game Informer's Ben Hanson in a continuation of the E3 demo from last year. 

And, to be clear, the enemies in this game are not zombies, but rather Freakers. They're pretty much deadish humans who are so sick that they might as well be zombies. 

The playthrough shows a lot of information of how the game functions, including how important the bike is to your survival, from its noise level (which players can customize) and how many supplies you can carry. 

Days Gone is currently scheduled to release in early 2019.