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Meet the tribal Horseborn of the Banner Saga

by: Randy -
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One more piece of Banner Saga news. Not only does the Banner Saga kick off with episode 1 on the Nintendo Switch on May 17, it's going to apparently get the rest of the trilogy—episodes 2 and 3—when Banner Saga 3 launches in two months on July 24. My particular Banner Saga (the choices, the arms and armor, the special equipment, the starving) has been piecing itself together slowly since 2014. But if you've held off until now, and you happen to own a Switch, then you can get each episode much closer together. It's practically a Netflix binge.

So, having said that, here's one of the factions introduced in Banner Saga 2: the Horseborn. They're centaurs, basically, armed with spears and broken English. Canary is one of the yellow-haired representatives of the Horseborn. Not exactly sure why the video goes to such lengths as to describe her as "slender," because 1) it's obvious and 2) all the Horseborn are slender, so who cares, unless you're taking a weak stab at her sex appeal. But anyway. Great series. Weird thing for the video to point out, though.

More interestingly is the tribal infighting between the Horseborn clans. I have to admit, they've been acting suspish ever since they were introduced in the second episode. I'm keeping my eye on them. I'm also taking advantage of their horse-speed on the battlefield, too, but I'm keeping my eye on them nonetheless.

To recap, May 17, Banner Saga 1 is on the Switch. July 24, the Banner Saga 3 (plus a trilogy boxed set) is on PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. 

Banner Saga 3 Vignette Trailer Series: Horseborn, the Race of Legend
Friday 11th May 2018, Indie publisher Versus Evil, in partnership with indie developer Stoic, today released the latest character vignette trailer from its current series aimed at highlighting the influential characters which will appear in the release of the final installment of the award winning Viking role playing game, The Banner Saga.

Banner Saga 3 – Horseborn, the Race of Legend
Not much is known about this legendary race but they have proven loyal so far and have stood side by side with humans and varl alike. However, will that change as tensions rise among those forced into Arberrang as the end draws near? Find out this summer when the final installment of the award winning RPG series launches on July 24th for PC, MAC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and SWITCH.

Pre-order Banner Saga 3 on PC/MAC today – STEAM and GOG.