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Warmind DLC is live in Destiny 2

by: Rob -
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Rasputin, the warmind. He (it?) had been a major source to fill the lore and drive the plot of the orignial Destiny, now takes center stage in the second expansion for Destiny 2, Warmind. I've played through the campaign, and while the frozen hive aren't much of a new foe to really push the envelope, they are introduced into the game alongside new weapons, exotic buffs and masterworks, PvP rankings, a new raid lair, and Season 3 in general. But also what's back is the lore. Often overlooked from all the valid game play criticisms in Destiny 2 is how much shallower the lore felt. The story telling was an upgrade, but the mystery and backstory had become second class citizens.

The game is in a much better place than it was when the first DLC. But there is work yet to be done. The most promising sign yet though is some of the developers of the franchise finally starting to admit publicly the disaster that was the Destiny 2 launch. My biggest fear about the fixes needed was that I wasn't hearing honest assessment that the new systems need to be completely overhauled, not just tweaked. But comments like Josh Hamrick saying "The mods we shipped with D2 were awful. The whole system is bad and I can say that because I worked on it." are what we need to get this game back to what it was in the original.

More details about the Warmind DLC, can be found at This Week at Bungie