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Apparently that Detroit: Become Human demo is pretty good

by: Randy -
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A week after the release of the Detroit: Become Human demo, publisher Sony assembled a human response (eh, eh?), talking to folks that got their hands on the demo at what I believe to be PAX East 2018 from last month. The players seem pretty enthralled by the life hanging in the balance, the weight of decision-making, and the all-important "choices that matter" branching narrative when it comes to adventure gaming. Our own Eric Hauter counts himself among the impressed when it comes to the cyber-slick presentation and harrowing outcomes.

At first I was hesitant to taste that pie slice of gameplay before getting my hands on the full game, but I'm tossing those inhibitions aside now. The demo is downloading as we speak. This will be my first David Cage experience since 2005's Fahrenheit, a game that's rather unforgettable even 13 years later. While Beyond: Two Souls didn't impress our reviewer much, early buzz suggests that Become Human might pull the developer up from that stumble.

Detroit: Become Human is out May 25 on PS4.