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Destiny 2 DLC details and Season 3 update in TWaB

by: Rob -
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The Bungie  Twitch livestream from midweek was full of details on the upcoming Destiny 2 DLC and the Season set to kick off with its release and This Week at Bungie (TWaB) served as a round up for all the news.
First off, Senior Designer Mark Uyeda discussed Exotic Masterworks. Essentially every exotic will be getting a masterwork version that ups its power in some small capacity, however it is going to be community discovered mysteries as to how to actually unlock these boosts through the Exotic Masterwork Catalyst. In the past these little mysteries have been fantastic treasure hunts that have pulled much of the hard core Destiny playerbase together through the various side channels such as Reddit, Twitter, and the official forums. Hopefully that cooperative spirit will be back in full effect. Once unlock the exotic weapon will start tracking kills and dropping orbs on double kills,as well as reveal an objective that must be achieved to upgrade to the final masterwork state and get a stat boost on the gun.
Following up on last week's TWaB, Senior Sandbox Designer Jon Weisnewski previews updates to three more Exotic guns (Tractor Cannon, Hard Light and Borealis) in the ongoing effort to make exotics feel more exotic again. The Tractor Cannon is getting a suspension effect, Hard Light is getting the ability to swap through elemental damage types (like Borealis already has) and double damage on ricochets, and to keep Borealis at a distance from Hard Light's newfound niche, it now does double damage after any elemental shield break until reload. I'm really interested to see if there is an obvious Hard Light exploit that's going to creep in, namely shooting just below a player's feet and using a double damage floor ricochet in PVP.  
Lastly, TWaB fielded questions about the upcoming PVP Crucible Rankings, rewards, and matchmaking. TWaB can be found on the Bungie site. The Warmind DLC and Season 3 releases May 8th.