Cliff Empire looks like an unexpected antidote to Frostpunk

by: Randy -
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Well shoot, this is a cool-looking little game, kinda out of nowhere. It's called Cliff Empire. Made by Lion's Shade studio. Cliff Empire appears to be a small-scale city builder with an icy aesthetic. You start with what I presume is a self-sufficient city block, dropped off atop an inexplicable tower of ice in the middle of a frozen mountain range. Building out, square by square, your city grows  with wind turbines and solar panels, rocket launch pads and VTOL landing zones, farmland and seed storage. Never mind that you have too many too-large boats floating around in your cliff-top lake port. It looks like you even connect one Cliff Empire with the next Cliff Empire with chasm-spanning bridges.

Doesn't look too complicated. Not like a certain other frost-laden strategy game that came out this week, too, eh, Frostpunk? Cliff Empire doesn't look like you have to worry about civilian uprisings or putting too much emotional investment in a save-the-city-save-the-world social agenda. 

I don't know. Still looks pretty neat, seeing your city go from snow-pocalypse by day to icepunk by night, and from 3D isometric to ... 2D orthographic, I guess? It's in Steam Early Access now. I might have to take a stab at this one. Could turn out to be a great little hidden gem.