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XBox One is getting an answer for video games without enough music punch

by: Kevin -
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Pandora has been a music streaming and music recommendation program running on Windows, iOS, and Android and now it is coming to XBox One. Have a game that need some music oomph? Play your favorite songs behind your best games and never worry about blaze' wav files that get annoying after 5 minutes again. Some of what to expect:

  • Search and play your favorite albums, songs and playlists with a brand new look and feel.
  • Enable Autoplay so the music never ends. Pandora keeps it going with songs similar to what you were just jamming to.
  • Enjoy your favorite music with background audio support and new ways to navigate your music collection so that finding the perfect jam is easier than ever.

In addition to its partnership with Xbox One, Pandora is available on over 2,000 connected devices spanning TVs, game consoles, streaming players and more.

Want to learn more about Pandora on Xbox One? Check it out here and sign up for a free trial of Pandora Premium at https://www.pandora.com/upgrade/premium.