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BattleTech intro is a wordless orchestral history lesson

by: Randy -
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BattleTech launches tomorrow, April 24. It's finally time to hit the year 2765 in a turn-based gridlocked format. It's a veritable Game of Thrones played out with mechanized combat. Powerful royal houses sign declarations of war with drop ships and perforate their nation's borders and enemies with long-range missiles and rail gun fire. 

Also, just a quick word about the artwork in this intro cinematic: it's beautiful. You can have your polygonal renaissance. I'm with the teams making concept art come to life. And that's what this is. You've seen it before in other things. Paradox publishes entire games that work miracles with a few grognard spreadsheets tied to a stack of 2D artwork, and I couldn't be happier when I see it in action.

The actual gameplay runs fully rendered gameplay pieces on an isometric battlefield. But I still have to appreciate gorgeous artwork like this, with thick, chunky brushstrokes telling the story.

Again, BattleTech is out April 24 on PC. We're working on the review as we speak. But we're not going to just cough it up. We're going to do it right and put in the time to assemble a solid review. Watch this space in the coming week.