Call of Duty: WWII Blitzkrieg Community Event lasting till May 8th

by: Nicholas -
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Call of Duty: WWII's newest event, the Blitzkrieg, launches players into new maps, game modes, and weapon variants. 

The pretense is that the Germans have breached the Allied front lines, so there are now two new additions to help fight them back: Ground War, a 9 v 9 game mode, as well as a free playable map in HQ for the game modes Prop Hunt and Gun Game. 

Ground War will include six new playable weapons, including the Itra Burst rifle, the Type 5 semiautomatic, the Sterling submachine gun, the M2 Carbine, and the Type 38 sniper rifle. 

There are also some new digs and accessories that players can dress their guns up with, so they can look cute while killing Nazis. 

The Blitzkrieg Community Event lasts till May 8th. 

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