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Two hours of turn-based BattleTech action from the devs themselves

by: Randy -
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[CORRECTION: This gameplay is from publisher Paradox, not from developer Harebrained Schemes.]

A turn-based BattleTech is nearly here. Finally. I'm excited. Several of us at Gaming Nexus (though I don't happen to be one of them) even Kickstarted the project back in September 2015. The project was funded in 53 minutes. People have been wanting mech turn-based strategy so hard.

Below are a couple very recent videos of the developers at Harebrained Schemes publishers at Paradox playing the campaign. They zip past the story bits, simply because they want to save that mostly for the players, and to show off a little faster combat than the YouTube influencers have been showing.

BattleTech sports some very rough but organic terrain which you'll learn to interpret and bend to your advantage. And while most of your strategizing will take place from a drone's eye view some 300 feet up, the camera is good at zooming down into an over-the-shoulder camera if you need to confirm line-of-sight, and also when the guns and missiles fly. It's always nice to get a close up of the explosions and all the damage notifications popping up off your opponent's mech. The first map the devs publishers tackle is both treed, dusty, lightly rainy, and filling up with smoke from brutalist architecture getting smashed. Good stuff.

BattleTech launches April 24 on PC.