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The Banner Saga trilogy waves the finish flag in July

by: Randy -
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The Banner Saga 3 nailed down a July 24 launch date. This completes the Nordic Oregon Trail trilogy, a story some six years in the making. What's turned into one of my favorite gaming series all started with 20,042 Kickstarter backers in 2014 that funded 700% of developer Stoic's asking price.

Now we're in the home stretch with the story's conclusion. Frankly, I'm not certain everything will turn out all right for these intrepid emigrants. Things started off bad for the banner, and basically only got worse. I mean the characters' circumstances, not the quality of the gaming experience. And now in The Banner Saga 3, as the darkness coils itself around the entire world for one enormous python squeeze, this pre-order video tosses in a new in-game playable character—a dredge character, no less—not to mention composer Austin Wintory's soundtrack (which is him at his rawest and hardest hitting). More importantly, the video looks at a tiny bit of gameplay from this third and final installment.

If you've played any of The Banner Saga, then yes, that gameplay will look familiar. If you haven't, that's fine, because the full trilogy will be released in one pack on PC on July 24. It'll also come to mobile and PS4 and Xbox One, not to mention the Nintendo Switch at later dates.