Beat Saber gets released on May 1st

by: John -
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Is it me or would this game's release date would have been perfect for May 4th? In any case, for those that want to swing lightsabers to the beat of music, the VR game Beat Saber will be launching on May 1st. 

Beat Saber lets those with an Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or a Windows Mixed Reality headset wield a red and blue lightsaber attack blocks of the same color coming at you synced with the beat of the song you're listening to. You'll have to swing at a direction specified by the black and there's going to be walls thrown in that you'll have to dodge.

The game's got a few of us excited as we have a few fans of VR on staff and it looks like it'll provide not only good exercise but a ton of fun for Star Wars fans who dream of swinging the kyber crystal powered weapon. The gameplay is similar to that of Audioshield, another VR music game, which I played plenty of early on in my period of owning an HTC Vive.

Expect Beat Saber to be available for less than $20 when it's released in a little under a month.