Here's the launch trailer for Guns of Icarus Alliance

by: Nicholas -
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Guns of Icarus, a steampunk game consisting of airship battles, is kind of like Sea of Thieves, except the former came out almost six years ago. Now, there's a new entry in the series: Guns of Icarus: Alliance.

From Muse Games, the big game-changer in this edition of the game is cross-platform play, as well as cross-platform chat, with the PS4 and PC release. The team claims that the chat functionality is a first in the history of gaming, and it "is crucial for online multiplayer experiences". 

For those that need an update on the gameplay, players can be Gunners, Pilots, and Engineers in PvP battles of up to 32 players, with a maximum of four players controlling their own airship, which they will need to repair and upgrade if they want to win. They can choose up to six factions, each battling for supremacy of the sky. 

Guns of Icarus: Alliance comes out May 1st on PS4 and PC.