Call of Duty: WWII DLC Pack #2, The War Machine, out on PlayStation 4 April 10th

by: Nicholas -
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Activision announced today that the second DLC pack for Call of Duty: WWII will be out on April 10th, first on PlayStation 4. 

Included in the pack are three new maps, a new mission for War Mode, and a new chapter for Nazi Zombies. 

The maps, titled Egypt, Dunkirk, and V2, take players across the European theater and into Africa. In Egypt, players clash among the pyramids and Sphinx in Giza, and is quoted as "having something for everyone", giving equal ground to all styles. Dunkirk sees players duking it out along the boardwalk of the beachside city where the British evacuated in the early stages of the war. The map includes an open beach space as well as tight interiors in the city. Finally, V2 takes players to a rocket development facility in rural Germany. The map gives equal playing space to both snipers and run-and-gunners.

The new War Mode map, Operation Husky, will have players retrieving intel from Naples and Palermo, and then taking to the skies in fighter jets to clear way for an allied bombing run. 

Last, but not least, Dethroned, the newest chapter in Nazi Zombies, takes place in Berlin, and will pit players against Dr. Straub and his nasty army of mealy-mouthed bastards. 

The War Machine comes out first for PlayStation 4 on April 10th. You can find out more here.