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Rejoice in the launch trailer for Far Cry 5

by: Nicholas -
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In commemoration of its release, Ubisoft has just posted the launch trailer for their newest title, Far Cry 5

Taking place in Hope County, Montana, the player must take back territory that is under the control of a cult led by Joseph Seed, the newest bad baddie in the series. 

The trailer depicts the subsidiary antagonists, which, in addition to Joseph, make up the Seed family. The first, Jacob Seed, controls the arms of the group, and forcibly converts people with mental torture. John Seed, arguably the most clean-cut of the bunch, is a baptist (meaning he baptizes people, not a practitioner of that religion) of sorts, and uses physical torture to get his message across. Finally, there's Faith, who runs the drugs. Based on the trailer, her followers will relentlessly attack you while high, sometimes bearing farm tools.

The trailer rounds out with a vague observation of Joseph Seed: "He's hell, personified" says the grizzled sheriff narrator. 

An intriguing aspect of the trailer's antagonists shows that they're all obsessed with quintessentially American objects: Guns, God, and Drugs, and the beauty of the American Heartland (that last part was me, I love Montana). Hopefully, this stuff that I've probably read too deep into will make some sort of statement in the game, which comes out on March 27th.

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